We're sector agnostic. If you're solving a real problem, we're interested.

Type of Problem

We love founders who are addressing a deep need, for a sharply defined customer group. You don't need to solve everyone's problems to build a $100Mn business!

Competitive Moat

It's all right to have competitors (the more the merrier!). But yes, you need to be 10x better than them, and have a strong competitive moat. No me-too products for us!

Stage of Business

We don't back any napkin / idea / business plan stage businesses. We like to see an MVP built and released, and good initial user traction.

Round Size

We like to get in when the startup is raising ~INR 1-5Cr, as the first investment post a friends & family round.

Our Ticket

We typically invest anywhere between INR 5-20L per investment. Depending on the round size, we also can syndicate a much larger quantum through our LPs (who also invest in personal capacity) and our network.